Neeraj Goyat Wins WBC Welterweight Asia Title 2016

Neeraj Goyat Retains WBC Asia Welterweight Title

WBC Welterweight Asia Title 
  • Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat outpunched Australia's Ben Kite to retain the WBC welterweight Asia title in New Delhi on 15.10.2016. The 24-year-old prevailed 120-110, 119-109, 115-113 in an unanimous decision for the gruelling 12-round contest against his 26-year-old rival. Goyat, who came into the contest with 7 wins in 11 fights, is now expected to break into the WBC world rankings, which will be a step towards getting him a shot at the world title.

World Boxing Council (WBC)
  • The World Boxing Council (WBC) is one of four major organizations which sanction world championship boxing bouts, alongside the International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Bxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Organization (WBO). Owing to the many historically high-profile bouts sanctioned by the organization, and legendary fighters who have been recognised as WBC World champions, the organization still remains one of the major four sanctioning bodies. All four organizations however recognise the legitimacy of each other, and each have interwoven histories dating back several decades.
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