TNPSC General Studies: Important Questions (1-20)

1. The National Environment Engineering Institute is located in?
(A) Cuttack
(B) Jamshedpur 
(C) Nagpur 
(D) Ranchi?

Answer:(C) Nagpur

2. The concept of ‘‘Navratna’’ is associated with?

(A) selected categories of technical manpower
(B) selected export-oriented units
(C) selected food-processing industries
(D) selected Public Sector Enterprises

Answer:(D) selected Public Sector Enterprises

3. The word ‘‘Actuaries’’ is related to?

(A) Banking 
(B) Insurance 
(C) Share-market 
(D) None of the above

Answer:(B) Insurance

4. Cardamom hills lie along the border of?

(A) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 
(B) Karnataka and Kerala
(C) Kerala and Tamil Nadu 
(D) Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

Answer: (C) Kerala and Tamil Nadu

5. The Asteroids are small celestial bodies in the solar system which are found between the planets?

(A) Mercury and Venus 
(B) Mars and Jupiter
(C) Jupiter and Saturn 
(D) Neptune and Saturn

Answer: (B) Mars and Jupiter

6. From the list given below, name the T. V. channel which will cover Engineering and Technology subjects :

(A) Vigyan Darshan 
(B) Eklavya 
(C) Parivartan 
(D) Avishkar

Answer:(B) Eklavya

7. Which one of the following regions of India is highly affected by soil erosion?

(A) Malwa Palteau 
(B) U. P. Tarai
(C) Andhra Coast 
(D) Chambal Valley

Answer:(B) Mars and Jupiter

8. Damodar is a tributory of river?

(A) Ganga 
(B) Hugli 
(C) Padma 
(D) Suvarn Rekha

Answer:(A) Ganga

9. The Mandal Commission whose suggestions have given rise to unabated controversy, was constituted by?

(A) Indira Gandhi 
(B) Morarji Desai
(C) Rajiv Gandhi 
(D) Vishwa Nath Pratap Singh

Answer:(B) Morarji Desai

10. Recently Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, the renowned classical singer, has been awarded?

(A) Bharat Ratna 
(B) Kalidas Samman
(C) Padma Bhushan 
(D) Padma Shri

Answer:(A) Bharat Ratna

11. Name the Governor of Reserve Bank of India who also became Finance Minister?

(A) H. M. Patel 
(B) C. D. Desmukh 
(C) C. Subramaniam 
(D) Sachin Chaudhari

Answer:(B) C. D. Desmukh

12. The Supreme Court of India is a ‘Court of Record’. It implies that?

(A) It has to keep a record of its decisions
(B) All its decisions have evidentiary value and cannot be questioned in any court
(C) It has the power to punish for its contempt
(D) No appeal can be made against its decisions

Answer:(B) All its decisions have evidentiary value and cannot be questioned in any court

13. From the list given below, select the one which is declared a ‘‘World Heritage Site’’.

(A) Corbett National Park 
(B) Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve
(C) Rajaji National Park 
(D) Gir Forest

Answer: (B) Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve

14. Select the State from amongst the following, with the maximum number of wild-life sanctuaries. (National Park and Sanctuaries)

(A) Uttar Pradesh 
(B) Rajasthan 
(C) Madhya Pradesh 
(D) West Bengal

Answer:(C) Madhya Pradesh

15. Before being elected as US President Barack Obama was Senator from?

(A) Colorado 
(B) Florida 
(C) Georgia 
(D) Illinois

Answer:(D) Illinois

16. If ‘PRINT’ is coded as ‘RUMSZ’, then the code for ‘‘DRINK’’ will be?


Answer:(B) FUMSQ

17. Black soil of India is highly suited for the production of?

(A) Cotton crop 
(B) Paddy crop 
(C) Sugarcane crop 
(D) Wheat crop

Answer:(A) Cotton crop

18. Sarnath Stambh was built by?

(A) Harshwardhan 
(B) Ashok 
(C) Gautam Buddha 
(D) Kanishka

Answer:(B) Ashok

19. The G-8 group of countries includes?

(A) Britain, China, Germany and Japan 
(B) Britain, Japan, South Africa and USA
(C) Britain, France, China and Russia 
(D) Britain, Canada, Germany and Italy

Answer:(D) Britain, Canada, Germany and Italy

20. Which part of the Indian Constitution has been described as the ‘Soul’ of the Constitution ?

(A) Fundamental rights 
(B) Directive Principles of State Policy
(C) The Preamble 
(D) Right to Constitutional Remedies

Answer:(D) Right to Constitutional Remedies
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