International Day of Cooperatives 6 July 2019 (First Saturday of July)

International Day of Cooperatives - First Saturday of July 
  • International Day of Cooperatives 2019 (6th July)
  • The International Day of Cooperatives is an annual celebration of the cooperative movement that takes place on the first Saturday of July since 1923.
  • The aim of this celebration is to increase awareness of cooperatives.
2019 Theme for International Day of Cooperatives 
  • On 6 July 2019, join us as we celebrate a future in which human development and social justice are priorities. 
  • Through #CoopsDay, local, national and global policymakers, civil-society organizations and the public, in general, can learn how cooperatives contribute to a decent working environment. Cooperative employment is far from a marginal phenomenon.
  • According to a recent estimate, cooperatives around the world employ or are the main source of income for more than 279 million people-almost 10% of humanity’s total working population.
  • Beyond these numbers, different studies have confirmed that, by comparison with employment in other sectors, cooperative jobs:
    • tend to be more sustainable over time;
    • show a smaller gap in earnings between higher and lower-paid positions;
    • are more evenly distributed between rural and urban areas.
சர்வதேச கூட்டுறவு தினம் - ஜூலை 6, 2019
  • ஜூலை மாதம் முதலாவது சனிக்கிழமை
    • ஆண்டுதோறும் 'ஜூலை மாதம் முதலாவது சனிக்கிழமை', சர்வதேச கூட்டுறவு தினம் (International Day of Cooperatives) கடைபிடிக்கப்படுகிறது. 
    • இந்த 2019-ஆம் ஆண்டின் சர்வதேச கூட்டுறவு தினம் ஜூலை 6 அன்று, கடைபிடிக்கப்படுகிறது. 
  • 2019 சர்வதேச கூட்டுறவு தின மையக்கருத்து: 
    • 2019 Theme: COOPS 4 DECENT WORK.
International Day of Cooperatives 2020
International Day of Cooperatives July 6th
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