Tamilnadu Engineering Online Admissions 2018 (TNEA 2018) Starts Today @ https://tnea.ac.in/onlineapp18/index.php

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2018 starts Today May 3, 2018 @ https://tnea.ac.in/onlineapp18/index.php  

Tamilnadu Engineering Online Admissions 2018 (TNEA 2018) Starts Today @ https://tnea.ac.in/onlineapp18/index.php


Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2018 (TNEA-2018) is completely online - Registration, Payments, Choice filling and confirmation. Candidates have to register their applications online, submitting all the required details and fee, have the certificates verified through TNEA Facilitation Centre (TFC), give their preferred choices online during the specified period, get their allotment confirmed and get the allotment order online. Candidates are required to read the instructions given here completely so that they will find it easy to complete all the requirements and successful completion of their counselling. 

The entire Counselling procedure consists of various steps as given below: 

1. Filing of application 
2. Random Number Generation (by TNEA Authority) 
3. Certificates Verification at Designated TNEA Facilitation Centre. 
4. Rank Publication (by TNEA Authority) 
5. Payment of Initial Deposit 
6. Exercising the choices of institutions and Branches 
7. Publication of Tentative Allotment on a notified date (by TNEA Authority) 
8. Confirmation of allotment option by the candidates 
9. Final allotment of institution and branch (by TNEA Authority) 

The candidates have to watch for various steps and dates and carefully act to have the complete satisfaction. The first step is filing of an application. This note explains how to file your application on the first part. 

The information required to fill in, in the process of Registration, is given in the “Data Sheet” available in the TNEA website. If you download this fill in completely first and then start entering in the system, it would be easy and quick. You can do it at home easily. 

For those who require TFC facilities for Registration, this Data sheet will also be made available at TFC. You have to necessarily fill in that first and then only enter the data in the system. 

Filing of TNEA Online Application 

Now let us start with filing of application. In order to make things simple and systematic the filing of an application is carried out in easy steps. Follow the steps carefully. You can visit TNEA website by entering www.tnea.ac.in, or you can go to Anna university website by entering www.annauniv.edu and Click on “TNEA 2018”. You will have the following screen displayed.

Tamilnadu Engineering Online Admissions 2018 (TNEA 2018) - Apply Here (Anna University Official TNEA Online Website)

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