TNPSC Current Affairs: 2016 National Bravery Awards Winners List

"2016 National Bravery Awards winning children" call on the President hri Pranab Mukherjee

The 2016 National Bravery Awards winning children called on the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan today on January 21, 2017.The scheme of National Awards for Bravery was started by Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) to give due recognition to the children who distinguish themselves by performing outstanding deeds of bravery and meritorious service and to inspire other children to emulate their example. 

National Bravery Award

Those are a set of awards given annually to about 25 Indian children for "meritorious acts of bravery against all odds." The awards are given by the Government of India and the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW). The award was instituted in 1957.

The National Bravery Awards consist of five categories, which are listed below.
  1. The Bharat Award, since 1987
  2. The Sanjay Chopra Award, since 1978
  3. The Geeta Chopra Award, since 1978
  4. The Bapu Gaidhani Award, since 1988
  5. General National Bravery Awards, since 1957

The awards are given to children who were between the ages of six to eighteen when they committed their acts of bravery.The award includes a medal, a certificate, and a cash prize. The Bharat Award winner gets a gold medal, while the rest get a silver medal. Each child is also given financial assistance to complete his or her schooling, as a part of ICCW's sponsorship program, under the Indira Gandhi scholarship scheme. In 2009, the Government of India announced it was reserving some seats in medical, engineering and polytechnic colleges for the winners of the awards.

2016 National Bravery Award Winners List
  1. Arjun Singh- Sanjay Chopra Award
  2. Shivampet Ruchitha-Geeta Chopra Award
  3. Aromal SM-Bapu Gaidhani Award
  4. Ramdinthara-Bapu Gaidhani Award
  5. Rakeshbhai Shanabhai Patel-Bapu Gaidhani Award
  6. Bapu Gaidhani Award-Shivansh Singh
  7. Bharat Award-Gaurav Kawduji Sahastrabuddhe
  8. Bharat Award-Abinash Mishra
  9. General National Bravery Award-Angelica Tynsong
  10. General National Bravery Award-Dishant Mehndiratta
  11. General National Bravery Award-Anandu Dillep
  12. General National Bravery Award-Kashish Dhanani
  13. General National Bravery Award-Nithin Philip Mathew
  14. General National Bravery Award-Sai Krishna Akhil Kilambi
  15. General National Bravery Award-Nilesh Revaram Bhil
  16. General National Bravery Award-Vaibhav Ramesh Ghangare
  17. General National Bravery Award-Mohit Mahdenrda Dalvi
  18. General National Bravery Award-Muhammad Shamnad
  19. General National Bravery Award-Sarwanand Saha
  20. General National Bravery Award-Maurice Yengkhom
  21. General National Bravery Award-Chongtham Kuber Meitei
  22. General National Bravery Award-Joena Chakbraborty
  23. General National Bravery Award-Beedhovan
  24. General National Bravery Award-Bhimsen
  25. General National Bravery Award-Abhijit KV
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