Current Affaris: India Celebrates 70th Independence Day

Nation celebrates 70th Independence Day - 15.08.2016

  • The Nation is Celebrating its 70th Independence Day today (15.08.2016) with patriotic fervor and gaiety. PM Modi unfurls National Flag from the ramparts of Red Fort. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the focus of his government is to change the lives of the common people.
  • Conveying his greetings to 125 crore Indians and the Indian community living overseas, Prime Minister expressed hope that this energy guide the nation to scale newer heights of progress in the years to come. He said, though India faces lakhs of problems but it also has 125 crore brains that are capable of overcoming them.
  • During his address, Mr Modi announced that government will bear up to one lakh rupees health care expenses annually for BPL families. He said, there will be 20 per cent increase in pension of freedom fighters. Mr Modi said, the middle class is more scared of income tax officials than the police, adding that his government will change this. 
  • The Prime minister said while it took six to eight months to get a passport, it now just takes a couple of weeks now even though around two crore people apply for it annually now compared to 40-50 lakh application earlier. He said, the government issued 1.45 crore passports in 2015-16. He added that people do not need any recommendation now to secure passports. 
  • Mr Modi said, his government had taken decisions to help people make online bookings to visit hospitals. Citing the example of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, he said similar changes had been brought about in 40 major hospitals across the country. He said, in just one minute, it had become possible to generate as many as 15,000 railway tickets now. 
  • Prime Minister said that saving energy is the focus of his government and it has targeted to distribute 77 crore electricity efficient LED lights in the country. He said, 13 crore LED bulbs have already been distributed. He said, 70 crore LED bulbs can save 20,000 MW of electricity worth 1.25 lakh crore rupees. 
  • He added that LED bulbs, which were sold for as high as 350 rupees each, are now being distributed by his government for 50 rupees each. He urged all to use LED bulbs, save energy and take part in helping the nation. 
  • The Prime Minister said, when he took power in 2014, more than 18,000 villages in India did not have electricity. Mr Modi said, now 10,000 villages have already got electricity. He said, 50,000 kilometres of transmission lines were being erected now as opposed to 30,000 to 35,000 km earlier to take electricity to the remote corners of the country. Prime Minister said, after 60 years of freedom, only 14 crore LPG (cooking gas) connections were added but the present government has given four crore new connections in just 60 weeks. 
  • Prime minister said, the government has brought down consumer price growth from double digits under the last government. Mr Modi said, 99.5 per cent of past dues of sugarcane farmers have also been cleared. He said new godowns to store 12 lakh tonnes of foodgrains are being constructed. 
  • Mr Modi said the present government at the centre will continue the good projects initiated by the previous governments. Prime minister said, the present government have increased the maternity leave benefits of working women. 
  • He said, country's social unity is most important. Prime Minister said, tough and sensitive approach is required to tackle the age-old social evils whether it is casteism or untouchability. He said, violence has no place in the society. Mr Modi said, a strong country cannot be built without a strong society which is based on social justice. Prime Minister appealed youth to shun violence and return to mainstream.
  • Saying his government has adopted the strategy of Reform, Perform and Transform, Mr Modi said, he has been trying to avoid populism. Accusing the neighbouring Pakistan, Mr Modi said, Pakistan continues to glorify terrorist. He said, Pakistan must stop backing terror. 
  • He said, People of Balochistan, Gilgit and PoK have thanked him a lot in past few days and he is grateful to them. Mr Modi said, there cannot be a bigger freedom than freedom from poverty. He invited all SAARC countries to work together to fight it.
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