TNPSC History - 6th Std - Prehistoric Period (Part 1) - Notes

TNPSC History Notes - 1. Prehistoric Period (6th Class - Social Science - Lesson 1) -1

History - Prehistoric Period
An animal Dinosaur lived in many million years ago. The eggs of the dinosaur were excavated near Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu. They belonged to the prehistoric period. The archaeological excavation has been going on for 100 years in Athichanallur, which is in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. In the year 2004, they excavated more than 160 burial urns in one place. This proved that people lived in that place long ago.

The Prehistoric Period Classified as sub periods:
1. Palaeolithic Age - Old Stone Age (BC 10000 years ago)
2. Neolithic Age - New Stone Age (BC 10000 - BC 4000)
3. Chalcolithic Age - Copper Stone Age (BC 3000 - BC 1500)
4. Iron Age - Iron Age (BC 1500 - Bc 600)

1. Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic Age)
He was a Nomad. He lived in Jungle and took shelter on the branches of trees, in holes and caves. Discovered Fire by using the flint stone. The primitive man was scared of thunder and lighting and worshiped them. He went place to place for search food.

Era of some important events:
  1. Beginning of Earth - 4.6 million years ago 
  2. Appearance of Man - 4000 years ago (Homosepians) 
  3. Beginning of Agriculture - 8000 years ago 
  4. Beginning of Cities - 4700 years ago 
The Acronyms related to Periods:
  1. BC - Before Christ 
  2. AD - Anno Domini 
  3. CE - Common Era 
  4. BCE - Before Christian Era 
  5. BC 31 - Birth if Thiruvalluvar 
  6. BT - Before Thiruvalluvar 
  7. AT - After Thiruvalluvar 
Places in India where the Old Stone Age Tools were found: 
  1. Madhya Pradesh - Soan River Bank, Pimbet ka, Mageshwa 
  2. Rajasthan - Luni Valley 
  3. Karnataka - Pagalkhat 
  4. Andhrapradesh - Karnool Caves, Renigunta 
  5. Tamil Nadu - Vadamadurai, Attirampakkam, Pallavaram, Kanchipuram, Vellur, Thiruvallur. 
In the Begining he hunted small animals all alone. Then they hunted in groups, both men and women involved in hunting. In the Pimpet Ka cave in Madhya Pradesh see the painting, this depicts a woman with her child tied to her waist throwing an arrow. From this we know that woman were also involved in hunting. In old stone age man went from place to place in search of food and for hunting animals. The he learnt to produce his food. The first animal he tamed was Dog, which helped him in hunting. He reared goats and cows and had milk as his food.

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