TNPSC History - 6th Std - Indus Valley Civilization - Notes

TNPSC History Notes - Indus Valley Civilization - (6th Class - Social Science - Lesson 2)

Indus Valley Civilization
The first metal known to man is Copper. During the Copper Stone Age there existed an ancient civilization in India which was the Indus valley civilization or Harappa Civilization. This the beginning fo the Indian Civilization.

Harappa - "Buried City"
In 1921 the archaeologists found out that Harappa, that was the ancient city of India. Harappa in Sindhi means "Buried City". This civilization flourished in India about 4700 years ago. Likewise the ruins of the cities were found on Mohenjo-daro, Chanhu-daro, Kalibangan and Lothal.

The Great Bath:
The most important structure found in the citadel was the Great Bath. It was built Kiln-fired bricks and sealed with a lining of bitumen.
Houses were built in Grid System. Every House which had two rooms and multi-storied houses and also had a well and a bathroom. There were dustbins in front of the houses.

Town Planning:
Cities were well planned, northeren part of the town was narrow and elevated. The eastern side was broad and lowered. Houses were built on both the sides of the broad streets, in systematic order. Mohen-daro in Sidhi means "Mound of Dead"


There also found out dolls made out of terrakotta and other playing articles out of shells, brass, copper, silver and gold. They used copper and bronze to make weapons, household articles and tools. Gold and silver were used to make ornaments. Weighs were made out of a kind of stone.

Terracotta Seals:
Hundreds of terrakotta seals were discovered, the pictograph writings on them. On the seals bulls, dove, boats, and a figure of a human meditating are seen


On the terracotta planks, the pictograph writings. Each page was written from right to left and left to right. These writings are related to ancient Tamil writings. There are varied opinions regarding this.

They worshiped Lord Shiva represented as Pasupathi. Mother Goddess, Lingam, Trident, and trees.

Choose the correct answer:
1. Which of these help you to know about Indus Valley Civilization?
a) Stone Inscriptions
b) Archaeological evidences
c) Copper Plates

Answer: b) Archaeological evidences
2. Mohenjo-daro means?
a) Garden City
b) Port City
c) Mound of Dead

Answer: c) Mound of Dead
3. Port Lothal of the Copper Stone Age is in?
a) Punjab
b) Sindhu
c) Gujarat

Answer: c) Gujarat
4. Harappan Civilization was
a) Civilization of village
b) Civilization of town
c)Civilization of Corporation

Answer: b) Civilization of town
5. The metal unknown to Indus Valley People?
a) Gold
b) Iron
c) Copper

Answer: b) Iron
6. Harppa in Sindhi means
a) Buried City
b) City of Fort
c) City of Rivers

Answer: a) Buried City
Fill in the Blanks:
1. The main God of Harappans was-----------------?

Answer: Lord Shiva as Pasupathi
2. The Excavation of Indus valley civilization was done in ...............?

Answer: 1921
3. The Great Bath is Situated at ................?

Answer: Harappa
4. .......................was the writing used by the Indus Valley people.
Answer: Pictographic Writing
Match the following (Matched):
1. Great Bath - Mohenjo-daro
2. Excavation - 1921
3. Wheel - Pots
4. Punjab - Ravi
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