TNPSC Indian Economy: Important Questions & Answers (1-25)

Indian Economy: Important Questions & Answers

1. In recent years, how have the capital outlays for the defence service? 
  • Increasing steadily
2. Which tax is not levied by the Union Government?
  •  Profession Tax
3. Which organizations agency is involved in drafting the Union Budget of India? 
  •  Administrative Ministries only
4. Which agency has the power to declare any industrial unit as a potentially sick unit? 
  •  BIFR
5. What is the mean of Invisible Export? 
  •  Export Services
6. Consequent upon the recommendations of the Working Group on Rural Banks, in which year were 5 Rural Regional Banks initially set up? 
  •  1975
7. Through which methods is the national income of India estimated mainly? 
  •  Production and income methods
8. From when was the Zero Base Budgeting in India first experimented? 
  •  April, 1987
9. On which do Companies pay Corporation Tax? 
  •  Incomes
10. Why is the Gross National Income always more than Net National Income? 
  •  Direct taxes
11. Which is at the apex of Industrial Finance in India? 
  •  Industrial Development Bank of India
12.Which bank gives long term loan to farmers? 
  •  Land Development Bank
13. During whose viceroyalty was the system of Budget introduced in India? 
  •  Canning
14. Who is the chairman of 13th Finance Commission? 
  •  Vijay Kelkar
15.Main’ bearers of the burden of indirect tax are?  
  • Consumers
16.CENVAT is associated with which rate? 
  •  Rate of indirect tax
17.What does National income ignore? 
  •  Salary of employees
18. How is Indian economy ? 
  •  Mixed economy
19. Upon which development the Second Five Year Plan laid mote stress? 
  •  Industrialisation
20.Which is the amount of insurance cover provided to the workers of the unorganized sector under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana ? 
  •  Rs. 30,0007
21.Which sector of Indian Economy has shown remarkable expansion during the last decade?
  •  Tertiary Sector
22.Hindu Rate of growth refers to the rate of growth of which sector? 
  •  GDP
23.In India, Hindu Rate of Growth is associated with which income? 
  •  National Income
24.What is the base year for computation of National Income in India? 
  •  1993-94
25.As the economy develops, what happens in the share of the tertiary sector in the GDP? 
  •  Increases

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