TNPSC - List of Important Committees in India

List of Important Committees in India

1. Ajay Shankar Committee: 
  • To review functioning of PPP Cell
2. N.R. Madhava Menon Panel: 
  • Reported guidelines for regulating expenditure and content of advertisement in government adds
3. H.Devaraj Commitee: 
  • Reported most deemed university
4. H.R.Khan Panel: 
  • To evaluate unclaimed PPF and Post Office Savings
5. V.V. Daga Committee: 
  • To conduct forensic audit of NSEL
6. Sivaramakrishnan Committee: 
  • Submit Report to build the capital city for Andhra Pradesh
7. Ramanujam Committee: 
  • To avoid obsolete laws
8. Bimal Jalan Committee:
  • To head the Expenditure Management Commission 
9. Hari Gautam Committee: 
  • To review the status of UGC
10. Justice SB Sinha (One Member Commission):
  • To Probe 2006 Meerut Fire Tragedy 
11. Suresh Prabhu Committee: 
  • To review gas pricing formula
12. R S Sharma Expert Committee: 
  • To review the Company (Cost Records and Cost Audits) Rules 2014
13. Justice MB Shah: 
  • On Black Money
14. Deepak Mohanty Committee: 
  • Data and Information Management in the RBI
15. Arvind Mayaram Committee: 
  • To clear definition to the FDI and FII
16. Nachiket Mor Committee: 
  • To permit NBFC's to work as Business correspondence 
17. P.J. Nayak Committee: 
  • Governance of Boards of Bank in India
18. Bibek Debroy Committee: 
  • For Restructuring the railway
19. Justice C.S. Dharmadhikari Committee: 
  • Recommended complete ban on dance bars in hotels and restaurants.
20. Pratyush Sinha Committee:
  • To assess compensation for coal blocks.
21. Jairam Ramesh Committee: 
  • On sustainable development 
22. T.K. Vishwanathan Committee: 
  • To provide Bankruptcy code for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
23. K.V. Kamath Panel: 
  • To examine the financial architecture for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.
24. Gopalakrishna Committee: 
  • On Capacity Building in Banks and non-Banks 
25. G.N.Bajpai Committee: 
  • Guidelines for national pension system (NPS) schemes in private sector. 
26. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar Panel: 
  • To recommend best technologies for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Swachh Bharat" national sanitation campaign. 
27. T.S.R. Subramanian Committee: 
  • To review five key green laws concerning protection and conservation of environment, forest, wildlife, water and air among others.
28. Tandon Committee:
  • Follow Up Of Bank Credit
29. Dr. Gadgil Committee:
  • Agricultural Finance
30. Godwala Committee:
  • Rural Finance
31. S.S. Nadkarni Committee:
  • Trading In Public Sector Banks
32. M.L. Dantwala Committee:
  • Regional Rural Banks
33. Bhide Committee:
  • Coordination Between Commercial Banks And SFC’s
34. Venketaiya Committee:
  • Review Of Rural Financing System
35. A.K. Bhuchar Committee:
  • Coordination Between Term Lending Institutions And Commercial Banks.
36. R. Jilani Committee:
  • Inspection System in Banks
37. Goiporia Committee:
  • Customer Service In Banks
38. L.C. Gupta Committee:
  • Financial Derivatives
39. James Raj Committee:
  • Functioning Of Public Sector Banks
40. A. Ghosh Committee:
  • Frauds & Malpractices In Banks
41. B.D.Thakar Committee:
  • Job Criteria In Bank Loans (Approach)
42. A.K.Khandelwal Committee:
  • HR Issues of Public Sector Banks
43. R.H. Khan Committee:
  • Harmonization of the Role of Financial Institution in Banks
44. Rajamannar Committee:
  • Changes In Banking Laws , Bouncing Of Cheques etc.
45. Usha Thorat Panel: 
  • Financial Inclusion
46. K Madhav Das Committee:
  • Urban Cooperative Banks
47. R.S.Saria Committee:
  • Agricultural Finance And Cooperative Society
48. S.S. Kohli Committee:
  • Rationalization Of Staff Strength In Banks
49. J.V. Shetty Committee:
  • Consortium Lending by Banks
50. I.T. Vaz Committee:
  • Norms for Working Capital Finance by Banks
51. Y.V. Reddy Committee:
  • Financial Aggregate System
52. Rakesh Mohan Committee:
  • Small Savings: Tax and Interest Rates
53. M. Damodaran Committee:
  • Customer Service in Banks
54. Pillai Committee:
  • Pay Scales Of Bank Officers
55. Rangrajan Committee:
  • Computerization Of Banking Industry
56. Cook Committee (On Behalf Of BIS – Under Basel Committee):
  • Capital Adequacy Of Banks
57. Pendarkar Committee:
  • Review The System Of Inspection Of Commercial, RRB and Urban Cooperative Banks
58. Dave Committee:
  • Mutual Funds (Functioning)
59. Ghosh Committee:
  • Bank Frauds
60. Omkar Goswami Committee:
  • Industrial Sickness and Cooperate Restructuring
61. Janaikiraman Committee:
  • To ensure into the Securities and transaction of the banks  and financial Institutions
62. Jilani Committee:
  • Loan System
63. Raja Chellaiyah Committee:
  • Tax Refoms
64. Nayak Committee:
  • Credit to SSS Bank
65. Rangarajan Committee:
  • Public Sector Disinvestment
66. Khusro Committee:
  • Agricultural Credit
67. Narashimham Committee:
  • Financial Sector Reforms
68. Ram Nivas Mirdha Committee:
  • To enquire into the Securities Scam
69. Malhotra Committee:
  • Insurance Sector Reforms
70. Bhagwati Committee:
  • Public Welfare
71. Vipin Malik Committee:
  • Consolidated Accounting By Banks
72. Chatalier Committee:
  • Finance To Small Scale Industry
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