TNPSC Current Affairs: World Hypertension Day (17.05.2016)

World Hypertension Day being observed today (17.05.2016)
  • Nearly one billion people are estimated to be affected by Hypertension worldwide, and this figure may increase to 1.5 billion by 2025; right treatment and lifestyle can help in containing hypertension.
  • One person out of every three persons in India is having high-blood pressure in India. High blood pressure or Hypertension is a big danger for health. Its impact is felt on the whole body. The heart plays an important role in blood circulation. The blood pressure during blood circulation is called blood pressure. There are many causes for high blood pressure. 
  • In 90% of people with hypertension, the cause of high blood pressure is not known and is referred to as primary or essential hypertension. While the specific cause is unknown, there are risk factors that can contribute to developing high blood pressure. 
  • Right treatment from the doctor, right advice and change in lifestyle can help in containing high blood pressure or hypertension.
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