Scientific Disciplines for TNPSC and Other Exams

(For TNPSC and Other Competitive Exams)
General Science Series, Lesson:2
  • Acarology: The study related with Branch of the Zoology dealing with ticks and mites.
  • Acoustics: the study of Sound or the Science of Sound
  • Aerodynamics: The branch of Mechanics that deals with the Motion of air and other Gases.
  • Aerstatics: The Branch of statics that deals with gases in equilibrium and with gases and bodies in them.
  • Aetiology: The Science of Causation.
  • Agrobiology: The Science of Plant Life and Plant Nutrition.
  • Agology: Soil Science dealing with production of crops
  • Agronomy: The Science of soil management and production of field crops.
  • Agrostology: The Study of Grasses.
  • Alchemy: The Chemistry in ancient Times
  • Anatomy: The Science dealing with the structure of animals, plants or human body
  • Anesthesiology: Branch of Medicine dealing with administration of anesthetics and the patient’s condition while under anesthesia.
  • Anthropology: The Science dealing with the origin and physical and cultural development of mankind.
  • Arboriculture: Cultivation of Trees and Vegetables.
  • Archaeology: The study of Antiquities
  • Astrochemistry: The Science dealing with the Composition and Reaction of substances found in Celestial Objects.
  • Astrogeology: The Science dealing with the structure and formation of Rocks and Minerals found in other Planets.
  • Astrology: The ancient art of predicting the course of human destinies with the help of indications deduced from the position ad movement of the Heavenly bodies.
  • Astronautics: The Science of Space Travel
  • Astronomy: The Study of Heavenly Bodies
  • Astrophysics: The branch of astronomy concerned with physical nature of heavenly Bodies.
  • Bacteriology: the Study of Bacteria
  • Biochemistry: The Study of Chemical Processes of living things
  • Biology: The Science dealing with study of living things.
  • Biometry: The Application of mathematics to the study of living things
  • Bionics: The study of functions, characteristics and phenomena observed in the living world and the application of this knowledge to the world of machines.
  • Bionomics: The study of the relation of an organism to its environment
  • Bionomy: The science of the laws of life
  • Biophysics: The Physics of vital processes (Living things)
  • Botany: The study of Plants
  • Cardiology: A Branch of Medicine dealing with the heart 
  • Carpology: The Study of fruits and seeds
  • Cetology: Dealing with the study of aquatic mammals
  • Chemistry: The study of elements and their laws of combination and behavior
  • Chemotherapy: The treatment of disease of using chemical substances 
  • Cherology: Study of geographical areas and distribution of plants/animals.
  • Chronobiology: The study of duration of Life
  • Chronology: The Science of arranging the time in periods ascertaining the dates and historical order of past.
  • Cosmogony: The science of the nature of heavenly bodies
  • Conchology: the branch oc zoology dealing with the Cells and Moll uses
  • Cosmography: the Science that that describes and maps the chain features of the universe
  • Cosmology: the Science of the nature, origin and story of the Universe
  • Craniology: The Study of Skulls
  • Criminology: The Study of Crime and Criminals
  • Cryptography: The study of secret writings
  • Crystallography: The study of structure, forms and properties of crystals
  • Cryogenics: The Science dealing with the production, control, and application of very low temperatures
  • Cytochemistry: The branch of cytology dealing with chemistry of cells
  • Cytogenetics: The branch of biology dealing with the body of heredity from the point of view of cytology and genetics
  • Cytology: The study of cells, especially their formation, structure and functions
  • Cytopahology: The study of cells in diseases
Note: The article covers the scientific disciplines only starts with Alphabets A to C

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