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Constitution of India Quiz - 3 for TNPSC Exams

This Constitution of India Quiz 3 covers important questions in Preamble of the Indian Constitution for TNPSC & other Competitive Exams aspirants can check and test their knowledge. All the best...

  1. Preamble to the Constitution of India declares India as? 
    1.  Democratic Republic
    2.  Sovereign Secular  Democratic Republic
    3.  Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic
    4.  Secular Republic

  2. The words "Socialist and Secular" were added to Preamble in which Amendment?
    1.  22nd Amendment
    2.  24th Amendment
    3.  44the Amendment
    4.  42nd Amendment

  3. Fraternity Means? 
    1.  Sprit of Brotherhood
    2.  Unity and Integrity of the Nation
    3.  Fatherly Treatment
    4.  Elimination of economic injustice

  4. Who proposed Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution?  ?
    1.  M.K.Gandhi
    2.  Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
    3.  Jawarlal Nehru
    4.  Rajendra Prasad

  5. Which of the following is described as the "Soul of the Constitution"? ?
    1.  Fundamental Duties
    2.  Fundamental Rights
    3.  Directive Principles
    4.  Preamble

  6. "Sovereignty" in a Democracy Rests with the ?
    1.  Government
    2.  People
    3.  President
    4.  Prime Minister

  7. The Word "Democracy"is derived from the Greek Words? 
    1.  Demos Kratos
    2.  Demos and Biblios
    3.  Democratos
    4.  Demos and Cartos

  8. Modern States are generally considered as ?
    1.  Happy States
    2.  Police States
    3.  Dictatorial States
    4.  Welfare States

  9. The Constitution of India provides__type of Citizenship?
    1.  Double Citizenship
    2.  Multiple Citizenship
    3.  Single Citizenship
    4.  None of these

  10. India opted for a Federal form of Government because of
    1.  Cultural Integration
    2.  Vast Territory
    3.  Population
    4.  Linguistic and Regional diversity


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