TNPSC General Science 6th Standard Important Question & Answers (1-20)

1. Carry Me Seed (Keezhanelli) Cures _______?
  • Answer: Jaundice
2. Pepper Cures _______________?
  • Answer: Throat infection
3. _________are Used in the Preparation of Cosmetics?
  • Answer: Flowers
4. __________Used as Germicide and Cosmetic?
  • Answer: Neem
5. __________State is known as Garden of Spices of India?
  • Answer: Kerala
6. Jute Fibre is obtained from the________of Plant?
  • Answer: Stem
7. The Soft, Outer region of the Stem is called as _______?
  • Answer: Sap wood
8._______ Wood is used for building purposes?
  • Answer: Heart wood
9. Fibres obtained from the of the_____Region of Cotton?
  • Answer: Outer 
10. Coconut are known as _______?
  • Answer: External Fibres
10._______________ Cures Mouth Ulcer?
  • Answer: Gooseberry
11. Disease Caused due to Protein Deficiency is_______?
  • Answer: Marasmus
12. Deficiency of Vitamin C Causes______________?
  • Answer: Scurvy
13.________is an Omnivore.
  • Answer: Crow

Omnivores: Animals that feed on both plants and animals

Animals that feed only on plants are called herbivores. 
e.g. goat, cattle.
Animals that feed on other animals are called carnivores. 
e.g. tiger. 

14. Milk is Rich in_________?

  • Answer: Calcium
15. _________Regulate the Physiological Activities?
  • Answer: Minerals
16. ____________is used to Strengthen the Bone?
  • Answer: Calcium)
17. ____________is Saprophytic in Nutrition?
  • Answer: Mushroom
18. Anaemia is caused due to the Deficiency of______?
  • Answer: Iron
19.____is Synthesized by the Skin with the help of Sunlight?
  • Answer: Vitamin D

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