TNPSC Current Affairs Quiz Series No. 75 (International Affairs) Test Yourself

  1. What is the name, In tribute to Kalam, NASA names new species after him?
    1.  Solibacteria  kalamii
    2.  Salibacillus kalamii
    3.  Solibacillus kalamii
    4.  Sulibacillus kalamii

  2. 2017 bilateral maritime exercise “SIMBEX-17” started between India and which country?
    1.  South Africa
    2.  Sri Lanka
    3.  South Korea
    4.  Singapore

  3. Which country host the 2017 Arctic Energy Summit?
    1.  Finland
    2.  France
    3.  Germany
    4.  England

  4. Which city to host the 2017 annual convention of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group?
    1.  Lisbon
    2.  Gandhigram
    3.  Gandhinagar
    4.  Shanghai

  5. What is the India's position of 2017 Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) released by Ernst and Young (EY)?
    1.  Fifth
    2.  Fourth
    3.  Third
    4.  Second

  6. Which company is the most valuable brand in India, according to the 2017 Brand Finance India 100 report?
    1.  Reliance
    2.  Tata Group
    3.  HCL
    4.  Honda

  7. India’s first Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park (ARTP) goint to set up in which city?
    1.  Chennai
    2.  Kochi
    3.  Kolkata
    4.  Kadappa

  8. Who has been appointed as new Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations)?
    1.  N S Rathore
    2.  Satish Dube
    3.  Subhash Bhamre
    4.  PN Pradhan

  9. What is the India’s rank in the latest Lancet 2017 Healthcare Access and Quality Index (HAQI)?
    1.  152nd
    2.  153th
    3.  154th
    4.  155th

  10. Which committee  recommended several measures for De-Siltation of River Ganga?
    1.  Mukesh Sinha committee
    2.  J P Nadda committee
    3.  K S Banerjee committee
    4.  Madhav Chitale committee Try more Quiz, Mock Test 

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TNPSC Current Affairs Quiz Series No. 75 (International Affairs) Test Yourself TNPSC Current Affairs Quiz Series No. 75 (International Affairs)  Test Yourself
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