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TNSPC Science Quiz 2

TNPSC General Science Quiz  2

This quiz covers selected and important questions and answers of General Science Subject. All the Best....

  1. The age of most ancient geological formation is estimated by?

    1.  Ra-Si method
    2.  Uranium-lead method 
    3.  C14 method
    4.  Potassium-Argon method

  2. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to the presence of  
    1.  Fibrin
    2.  Plasma
    3.  Haemoglobin
    4.  Heparin

  3. Which of the following roofs provide better protection against fire ?
    1.  Asbestos sheet
    2.  Reinforced concrete
    3.  Cement slab
    4.  None of these

  4. Cooking oil can be converted into vegetable ghee by the process of?
    1.  Distillation
    2.  Oxidation
    3.  Hydrogenation
    4.  Crystalisation

  5. Which of the following is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors ?
    1.  Graphite
    2.  Cadmium
    3.  Heavy water
    4.  Liquid sodium

  6. The type of glass used in making prisms and lenses is?
    1.  Pyrex glass
    2.  Flint glass
    3.  Soft glass
    4.  Jena glass

  7. A mixture of water and alcohol can be separated by?
    1.  Distillation
    2.  Decantation
    3.  Evaporation
    4.  Filtration

  8. Vitamins are?
    1.  Inorganic by animals
    2.  Organic substances which can be commonly synthesized by animals
    3.  Inorganic substances which cannot be synthesized by animals
    4.  Organic substances that cannot be generally synthesized by animals

  9. Cholesterol is one kind of?
    1.  Unsaturated fatty acid
    2.  Steroid
    3.  Saturated fatty acid
    4.  Diglyceride

  10. Which one of the following is the best source of vitamin A??
    1.  Amla
    2.  Raddish
    3.  Apple
    4.  Carrot