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TNPSC History Quiz - 1 (Tamil) - 6th Standard

TNPSC History Quiz - 1 (Tamil) - 6th Standard

This quiz covers selected and important History questions and answers of 6th Standard Social Science Book. All the Best...

  1. The Area that was considered as the most ancient one in the world?

    1.  The Area in the West of Vindhyas
    2.  The Area in the North of Vindhyas
    3.  The Area in the South of Vindhyas
    4.  The Area in the East of  Vindhyas

  2. The Land mass on the South Kanayakumari during pre-historic period is called?  
    1.  Continent of  Lemur
    2.  Continent of Australia
    3.  Continent of Africa
    4.  Continent of Kumari

  3. The Place were evaluation of Man began?
    1.  Lemuria
    2.  Antartica
    3.  Africa
    4.  Kontwana

  4. Which year is considered as birth year of Thiruvalluvar?
    1.  AD 31
    2.  BC  61
    3.  BC 31
    4.  AD 61

  5. The City where the second Sangam was held?
    1.  Poompuhar
    2.  Thenmadurai
    3.  Madurai
    4.  Kabadapuram

  6. Which was the organisation where the Tamil poets assembled and did literacy research in Tamil?
    1.  Sabai
    2.  Sangam
    3.  Samithi
    4.  Koodal

  7. Who were the ancestors of the people of Cape Comorin?
    1.  Ancient Tamils
    2.  Aryans
    3.  Dravidas
    4.  Africans

  8. In which period the historical period of the Tamil began?
    1.  Chola Period
    2.  Pallava Period
    3.  Nayanmar Period
    4.  Sangam Age

  9. Which Grammer book originated from before the Third Sangam?
    1.  Agathiyam
    2.  Nannool
    3.  Tholkappiyam
    4.  Yapparungalakarigai

  10. Which was the most important occupation of the Sangam Age?
    1.  Fish
    2.  Foreign Trade
    3.  Weaving
    4.  Agriculture


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