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This General Knowledge Quiz - 3 covers important questions in Current Affairs and General Knowledge for TNPSC & other Competitive Exam. aspirants can check and test their knowledge. All the best...

  1. Who Written the National Anantham for Two countries ?
    1.  Raja Ram Mohan Rai
    2.  Bakkim chandra Chatterjee
    3.  Rabindra Nath Tagore
    4.  Govind Vallab Bant

  2. What is a King Pair in Cricket ?
    1.  Not out in both innings
    2.  Declared out first ball in Secend Innings
    3.  Declared out first ball in first innings
    4.  Declared out first ball in both Innings

  3. Who Was the First Speaker of Lok Sabha? 
    1.  Ganesh Vasudev Mavalkar
    2.  Somnath Chatterjee
    3.  Sarojini Naidu
    4.  Surendranath Baneerjee

  4. What is the Real Sikh name for the Golden Temple ?
    1.  Adhi Grantham
    2.  Gurugrand Sahib
    3.  Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib
    4.  Kalsa Temple

  5. In which River would you see the Anaconda? 
    1.  Sangfo
    2.  Nile
    3.  Missisibi
    4.  Amazon

  6. The Bodhi Tree in Gaya under which Budha attained enlightenment belongs to which Species?
    1.  Horse
    2.  Fig
    3.  Goat
    4.  Elephant

  7.  Name of famous Art Gallery in Mumbai?
    1.  Jahangir Art Gallery
    2.  Mumtaj Art Gallery
    3.  Shajahan Art Gallery
    4.  Humayun Art Gallery

  8. What was the Operation Bargha?
    1.  Adhivasi Welfare Movement in Jharkand Government
    2.  Land Reform Movement by CPM Kerala Government
    3.  Social Welfare saheme for Bargha Disrtict
    4.  Land Reform Movement by CPM West Bengal Government

  9. Where is Jim Corbett National Part situated ?
    1.  Madhyapradesh
    2.  Chattishgarh
    3.  Uttarkhand
    4.  Uttarpradesh

  10. Name the Indian Nuclear Powered Submarine? 
    1.  INS Vikramaditya
    2.  INS Aditya
    3.  INS Nirmal
    4.  INS Chakra